Under Section 60B & 60C of the Local Government Act 1993, Tasman Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 28th November 2018, made a decision to undertake an Elector Poll.  The subject of the Poll is regarding your support of the amalgamation of Tasman Council with Sorell Council and will be conducted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission via postal ballots, on Council’s behalf.

Council is encouraging ALL residents and ratepayers of the Tasman Municipality to have their say on this extremely important Council decision, by enrolling with the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.

To be eligible to vote in this Elector Poll you must be –

  • An owner or occupier of land in the Tasman Municipality;
  • Over the age of 18 years;
  • Not serving a term of imprisonment;
  • Not subject to an initial order or continuing care order under the Mental Health Act 1996 or an order under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995.

If you are currently on the State Electoral Roll, you are automatically placed on the Local Government Roll for the Tasman Municipality.  If you are not currently enrolled, we would strongly encourage you to either:

  • Visit:;
  • Obtain an enrolment form from any Post Office or the Council Offices at Nubeena; or
  • Call 1800 801 701 to have an enrolment form mailed to you.

You are also eligible to be on the Local Government Roll if:

  • You own or occupy land in a Municipality different from where you are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll; or
  • You are the nominated representative of a Corporate Body which owns or occupies land within the Tasman Municipality.

Enrolment under these special provisions (the General Manager’s Roll), you will need to ensure that the Acting General Manager has received your completed enrolment form before the Close of Roll.  This special form is available on Council’s website or please call the Council Offices on (03) 6250 9200 to arrange one for you.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission will need to receive ALL completed enrolment forms before the Close of Roll at 6.00pm on Thursday 7th March 2019 to be valid for participation in the Elector Poll.

 It is anticipated that residents & ratepayers will received their postal ballots from 14th March 2019 onwards, with results being finalised and provided to Council by early April.

Please take this unique opportunity to have your opportunity heard by Tasman Council on its future.


Kim Hossack

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