Rates Information

Rates and charges are Council’s primary source of revenue that is used to provide a range of services, projects and infrastructure to the Tasman Community.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your rates, please contact Tasman Council on (03) 6250 9200 or via email.

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Changes to Your Details

Any changes in your personal information (such as postal/residential addresses) should be forwarded to the Tasman Council as soon as possible to ensure all records are kept up to date.

You can do this through one of the following options;

In person at our Council Office, 1713 Main Road, Nubeena, TAS 7184
Phone (03) 6250 9200
Fax (03) 6250 9220
Email tasman@tasman.tas.gov.au

Please note that in the case of name change (ie marriage), Council wishes to advise these changes must be made via the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, who will later notify Council. This ensures all Titles Records and Information remain current and accurate across all relevant Departments.

Direct Debit is available for all Rates Instalments

Direct Debit can be a more convenient and quicker way to pay your Rates. Using Direct Debit, Tasman can electronically transfer funds from your bank account to pay your Rates.

Direct Debit Options

Payments made via Direct Debit can be as follows;

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Instalment Dates

If you wish to proceed with a Direct Debit please contact the Rates Officer for assistance.

Change of Details

Anyone wishing to change their Direct Debit Details please contact the Rates Officer on (03) 62509 200 or email tasman@tasman.tas.gov.au

Government Concessions

If you receive a Pension Concession or a Health Care Card (not a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card) you may be eligible for a concession of your rates.

For existing concession card holders, verified by Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs, these remissions will be automatically shown as a reduction on your rates notice when they are issued.

If your remission is not automatically shown as a reduction on your rates notice, please contact the Tasman Council Rates Officer on (03) 6250 9200.

All eligible Concession Card holders must present their current (in-date) Pension Concession Card or Health Care Card when applying for a concession rates on their rates.

New card holders (if start date on the card is on or before 1st July) should complete a remission form before 31st March each financial year. For further information, including conditions of eligibility for a Pension Concession, please contact the Rates Officer on (03) 6250 9200.