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In an emergency which requires urgent attention from the council, please call this number 03 6292 4202.  Please note that this number is for emergencies such as fallen trees over roads and landslides only.

Or if you need the fire brigade, police or ambulance, call 000

Fire Awareness

Each year Tasman Council is faced with the time consuming task of dealing with potential fire hazards on privately owned property. This involves inspecting and arranging for the removal of fire hazards throughout the municipality. When fire hazards are confirmed, Council has no alternative but to issue abatement notices in accordance with Division 6 of the Local Government Act 1993. Failure to comply with abatement notices will result in the land being compulsorily cleared at the owner’s expense.

Council strongly encourages all property owners and occupiers to reduce their potential fire hazard risks by keeping their land clear from undergrowth before it dries out and becomes a danger during the summer months. This property maintenance should continue until at least the end of April each year.

If you feel that your property could be a potential hazard and you require contact information for local contractors who can assist with your hazard reduction please contact Council (03) 6250 9200.

Please read the following Fire Abatement Policy carefully for guidelines on identifying a potential fire hazard.


For further information onhow to obtain a fire permit for your property please go to