Shellfish Biotoxin Public Health Alert for Nubeena/Wedge Bay

Recent monitoring of wild shellfish at Nubeena has returned results that are above the permitted/safe level for human consumption.  This is the result of the presence and spread of naturally occurring algal blooms and the toxins that they produce. Shellfish feed on the algae and in turn accumulate the toxins in their tissue.

Because of this, the Acting Director of Public Health, Dr Scott McKeown, has (today) issued a public health alert warning the public of the danger of collecting and eating wild shellfish in this area.  The link is

As part of informing the public and protecting human health, including the health of visitors to the state, officers from this department will flip up the red danger warning signs at Nubeena boat ramp, White beach (north) Boat ramp and White beach (south) boat ramp today.