Tasman Council No Spray Register

Tasman Council uses a variety of management techniques to protect public infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, kerbs and gutters. The use of chemical herbicides is one of the methods.

A ‘No Spray Zone’ register has been kept for many years, inviting residents to register their property frontage for exclusion from the use of chemical sprays by Council. To be considered for property frontage inclusion in this register, the property owner must complete a No Spray Register Application Form. Applications must include detail on the method of control and how regularly the owner plans to undertake control actions.

If your request is approved you will be required to assume responsibility for management of vegetation along the frontage in accordance with the conditions set by council. Failure to do so to a satisfactory standard will result in council resuming responsibility for the maintenance.

The spraying program includes verge spraying on Council maintained roads, with spraying widths generally up to 1.2m from edge of pavement on sealed roads and from edge of shoulder on gravel roads. Roadside drains that have recently been cleared are also treated.

Tasman Council conducts roadside spot spraying for woody weeds at varying times throughout the year depending on suitable weather. Information on alternative weed control methods can be found via DPIPWE Invasive Species website.

Application forms can be downloaded here or using the online application below. Please contact Tasman Council on (03) 6250 9200 or tasman@tasman.tas.gov.au should you require further information.

If your property was on the No Spray Zone before 8th Feb 2017 it will remain registered until the 30th June 2017.  A new application will need to be submitted before 30th June 2017 to remain on the register.

Code of Practice for Spraying in Public Places

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment provide the Code of Practice for Spraying in Public Places.

Section 26 of the Code, outlines the following:

Property owners who request the Council to desist from spraying in front of their properties on public land must prepare a proposed pest control plan detailing how they intend to control the problem themselves. The plan must be approved by the Council and carried out in a timely manner. If the issue is not dealt with satisfactorily, the Council may resume responsibility for the maintenance of the land using chemical products if necessary.

If safety concerns arise around guideposts, sign posts and guard rails spraying may be re-introduced.

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