The Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) is an initiative of the Federal Government through the Department of Industry. It aims to improve energy efficiency and the amenity of facilities owned by local governments across the country. In 2013, Tasman Council successfully secured a funding contribution of $18 200 from the Federal Government to undertake the Tasman Energy Action (TEA) project.

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Tasman Energy Action Project (TEA)

The “Tasman Energy Action (TEA)” project is a modest project involving a lighting upgrade at the Tasman Civic Centre. An important aspect of the project is the opportunity to promote energy efficiency actions to the community. In addition to the Civic Centre lighting upgrades, this project will help households in the community improve their energy efficiency. This will be achieved by running two “Energy Efficiency Workshops” and an Energy Efficiency Tour of the Civic Centre and surrounding energy-efficient homes and businesses.

The workshops and bus tour will be run in conjunction with the the Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House.  The workshops will be delivered by Sustainable Living Tasmania during May 2014.

General Home Energy Tips  Saturday 31st May– Techniques to identify where energy is used in the home and low cost methods for reducing energy bills and stay warm. Delivered by Sustainable Living Tasmania’s Energy Program Manager and a Home Sustainability Assessor.

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Sustainable design for building and renovating Thursday 22nd May. Introduction to passive solar design for cold climates, overview of material selection and renewable energy options. Presented by Sustainable Energy Program Manager and a Sustainable Building Consultant.

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Energy Efficiency Local Bus Tour – Sunday15th June.  See for yourself what local people are doing to reduce their energy usage in the Tasman Municipality.  Starting with a visit to the lighting upgrade at the Tasman Civic Centre, visit sites using a range of energy saving ideas, from lighting, solar power through to thinking about house design.  Bookings essential as places are limited – contact the Tasman Community House to reserve your spot today!  6250 2118.

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Project Goals

  • To reduce the energy consumption of the Tasman Council’s Civic Centre
  • To promote energy efficiency across Council facilities and across the Tasman Community
  • To encourage and assist local households reduce their energy consumption by promoting the free-rental of a Home Energy Assessment Toolkit (HEAT).

Tasman Council’s Civic Centre plays a pivotal role in the community. In January 2013 it was used to house app 2,000 evacuees during the bush fire crisis. Outside of its emergency situation use, the Civic Centre accommodates an indoor basketball court, performance stage, kitchen, showering facility and store room for play equipment. The facility is regularly used by a range of children’s groups and sporting clubs as well as a site for large community events.

Project Energy Efficiency Measures

The lighting upgrade measures and sub-metering measures in the Tasman Civic Centre are as follows:

  • Mercury vapour luminaires: replace fittings with 150Watts LED high bays
  • Fluorescent luminaires: replace fittings with energy efficient LEDs
  • 2 X Energy monitoring sub-meters

This project is forecast to save $1,645 per annum in energy costs. These savings will ensure the facility is more viable going forward and continues to serve the community as an efficient leisure facility and as an evacuee hospice in times of crisis.

The Home Energy Audit Toolkit, free to hire to all in the Municipality, was demonstrated on Tuesday March 25th at the Tasman Community Health Living Well Expo.  Please contact Tasman Council if you would like to utilise the toolkit to assess your own energy usage.

Home Energy Audit Toolkit

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Would you like to know how you can reduce your household’s energy costs and save money on your energy bills?

Do you want to do it yourself – so you really understand how your home uses energy? Would you like some cost effective suggestions on what you can do to reduce your energy use? Well now you can! All you need to do is borrow, free of charge, aHome Energy Audit Toolkit.

The Home Energy Audit Toolkits (HEAT) have been developed through the Southern Tasmania Council’s Authority’sRegional Climate Change Initiative (RCCI) by the Hobart City Council. It is easy to access – all you need to do is visit the Tasman Council offices, show some id such as a drivers licence and you can borrow the kit free of charge for up to 2 weeks!

HEAT allows households to undertake home energy audits in their own time and space and provides practical and affordable suggestions on how to save energy and dollars on energy bills. HEAT Information sheets have been specially developed for Tasmanian households and conditions and compliments other home energy audit services and programs. HEAT will allow households to gain a deeper understanding of how their homes use energy that can lead to lasting behaviour change and real savings!

Each HEAT contains:

†   Power-Mate

Enables measurement of electricity consumption of all electrical   appliances with a standard 3-pin plug. Useful for measuring the electricity   consumption of appliances such as fridges; televisions, microwaves and   computers and their standby consumption.

†   Infrared radiometer

Used to check for leaks around fridge doors as well as checking   for adequate ventilation behind the fridge/freezer and the effectiveness of   ceiling insulation.

†   Stopwatch

Assists in determining flow rate of hot water from showers &   taps.

†   Silva compass

Assists in identifying: (i) the homes orientation for solar aspect   considerations and (ii) suitably orientation of roof aspect for hot water and   electricity solar panels.

†   Thermometer with magnet

Enables measurement of air temperature around houses, hot water   system, fridges and freezers.

†   Laminated instruction and   information sheets x 12

Developed specifically for Tasmanian households they provide   instructions on how to use the tools included in the kit and suggestions for   doable energy efficient actions for various appliances and/or activities.