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Clean Up Australia Day - Sunday 1st March

In 2015 we are celebrating 25 years of volunteer action across Australia. Last year, thanks to an estimated 572,406 volunteers, we cleaned up 15,708 tonnes at 7,140 sites across Australia. Put yourself in the picture in 2015 and join the team to Clean Up Australia on Sunday, 1 march 2015.

To find a site and register visit http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/get-involved/

For those near Nubeena join the Tasman Council clean up on Monday 2nd March - http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/nubeena

Hobart District Nurses have advised that –
‘After-hours medical services in the TH&CS emergency room ceased from 31 October 2014. Anyone who attends or telephones the centre after hours will be advised to call Health Direct on 1800 022 222, or in an emergency, should call 000. As health professionals, working within our scope of practice, we can provide first aid if required and TH&CS is part of any disaster or emergency response plan for the Tasman Peninsula.  Signage is posted at the centre.”
The recruitment process for a permanent GP is ongoing.
Locum and part time GP’s to a FTE of 1.8 have been secured from January 9th to May 2015.


About our municipality

The Tasman Municipality is located on Tasmania's picturesque southeast coast approximately 90 minutes from Hobart.  As in many rural communities, Tasman's population is dispersed with the majority of people centered in and around the township of Nubeena and the localities of White Beach, Highcroft, Port Arthur, Premaydena, Saltwater River, Koonya, Taranna, Eaglehawk Neck and Murdunna.  The municipal area covers approximately 659.3 kilometres.  Practically an island, the diversity and abundance of wildlife and plant life is truly remarkable.


The population is relatively stable at approximately 2400, which swells to between 8,000 and 9,000 as a result of tourists and visitors during the summer months who come to enjoy beaches, bush walking and fishing areas as well as as many other tourist attractions.

Tasman strives to be a welcoming community with an unbeatable quaility of life boasting a number of boating and sporting clubs with tourism services catering for all ages and interests.  Tasman is also proving to be an attractive area for property developers, people seeking a 'sea change' and retirees looking for a quieter lifestyle.

The Tasman Peninsula was formerly a bustling industrial zone fuelled by convict labour.  In the era between convict settlement and the introduction of the modern tourist industry the area was mostly engaged in timber and fishing.  The terrain and soil type impeded large-scale agriculture although fruit farming and general farming was and still is carried out in suitable locations.

The Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas are renowned for its rugged coastlines which have been the scene of a number of shipwrecks.  At Eaglehawk Neck there are many strange rock formations, including The Devil's Kitchen, Tasmans Arch, Blow Hole and the Tessellated Pavements.  Tasman has been said to have some of the world's best surf spots at Eaglehawk Neck, Roaring Beach and Shipsterns Bluff.

An extremely scenic part of Tasmania that is dominated by rolling pastures and heavily timbered hills and surrounded by dramatic coastline of sheer cliffs, towering rocky outcrops and sheltered bay and sea caves.  Walking tracks and kayaks provide access to the area's most isolated areas. 

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Make a Public Request

Council is committed to ensuring all public and councillor request for works are registered and dealt with within the guidelines of Council's customer service charter.

Additionally, Council has in place public and Councillor request procedures to ensure all requests are dealt with in a timely manner.

If you have an issue you would like to report to Council for follow up, including any problems you experience with a road or any signage within the Municipality:

  1. Download the PDF form to make a request.
  2. Print the form and fill it in.
  3. Hand it in at the Council office or send it to us by email, fax or post.

Download the Public Request form:

Contact Tasman Council

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